Here is my piece for the Nightmare Before Christmas tribute show at Galerie Arludik.


George Bletsis said...

This is beautiful Seo!

kathryn durst said...

ohhhhhh!!!! i love it!!
your style works so perfectly for this

Jesse Hamm said...

Lovely! I like how the moonlight creeps around the edges of their heads, and I like those crankly little pumpkins...

ahurie said...

So pretty, I love it…

Shawnte said...

Very nice! I love the various jack o' lanterns spread across the graveyard.

Jiin Park [Reeacat] said...

I love this!! :)
This is definitely one of my favorite interpretation of nightmare before Christmas!

christopher makerewich said...

oooo, nice job seo!

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Ilya said...

Interesting scene.

Paua said...

Nice black and white illustration.

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