These are some elementary school kid characters for a story book I am working on. Nearly all of the names are sourced from people I have known throughout my school life, some more directly inspired than others. ;) Check out my tumblr post for some more detail shots.


Katie said...

Soooo so so so nice. Very excited to see a whole book like this! It sounds like an adorable and heartfelt project.

Noam Sussman said...

awesome stuff seo
i keep staring at lydia

Betsy Bauer said...

I adore this!

Seo Kim said...

Thanks Katie, Noam, and Betsy!

Ted Blackman said...

Really cool idea. Which one is the class clown?
I identify with the class clown :P

Dustin d'Arnault said...

So good!

Andrea Fernandez said...

This is really charming :)

Seo Kim said...

Thanks guys!

Ted - Good question! I hadn't thought of the class clown. I will keep it in mind when I make more characters...

Mattias Adolfsson said...

love them

Seo Kim said...

Thank u Mattias :)

Hobo Divine said...

Too cute for words!

Sarah looks really smart!
Christina is definitely a CHRISTINA!
I knew someone just like Mark except his name was Alfred.

Thanks for posting Seo!!

Hobo Divine said...

I wonder if you did a Kabalarian Name Analysis, for these characters/caricatures, how many would match?
Spooooooky Math Time!

pakoto said...

i love your blog!!!!! great style:)

Shina said...

So cute !
It looks like I could also recognize some kids I was at school with !! :)
Love your work by the way ^^

N.Hall said...

this truly made my day!!


Darrell said...


Shawnte said...

This is really awesome! Your story book sounds like it's gonna be interesting :).

Anastasia Alverina C. said...

They're really cute!
I found your blog accidentaly while clicking the next button on my blog.

I love your illustration, they're adorable and somehow reminds me of Quentin Blake's works.

I'm a big fan of Roald Dahl by the way.

I'm interested with illustration too and if you have spare time, please check out my blog : Aworldinsidemyhead.blogspot.com

paul - facebook said...

What a great book excellent very entertaining

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Ilya said...

Like the characters.

Paua said...

All cute- most of all, the fox character and bat.

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