You're invited!


Noam Sussman said...

hell yeah

Nicholas Hong said...

so cute!

tiffanyford said...

i wasn't ready for my heart to be so smitten. best drawing!

Hobo Divine said...

Music loud
and women warm
I've been kicked around
since I was born

But now it's all right
That's OK
And you may look
the other way

We can try
to understand
the New York Times'
effect on man

Whether you're a brother
or whether you're a mother
you're staying alive
staying alive

Feel the city breaking and everybody shaking
and we're staying alive
staying alive

Ah, ha, ha, ha
staying alive, staying alive.
Ah, ha, ha, ha
staying alive!!

Seo Kim said...

And the best comment award goes to.... HO BO DI VINE

Dawn Savoia said...

lol-now this is cute!