what little kids talk about

Overheard this conversation outside my window. This is how I imagined it looked like.


Noam Sussman said...

hahaha! thats awesome

Light Cubes said...

that was so cute... :)

Fishing Seattle said...

cute conversation :)

DWI said...

you are artistic. feels like I'm reading a comics :)

DWI said...

you are artistic. feels like I'm reading a comics :)

Knee Doctor said...

that was so cute drawing.. nice conversation..:)

H O N E Y said...

♥ BEAUTIFUL, i love it!

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funny drawing...cute!!

Jessica Ramirez said...

So cute and funny!
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That comic strip was really funny!

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Amusing doodle. Very great!

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What a cute and funny argument of children.

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You're going to be amazed how children this days have conversations on how they spend money.

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AWESOME <3 i like it very much .

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that was so cute ^.^
thanks !

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i love the conversation the reaction of faces . Hahaha . so cute

aaron philby said...

I love this.

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Cool drawing! It catches attention, really.

Eunyss Jones said...

awesome drawing.. it's so cute. :)

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Euggie Milby said...

great drawing..it's so nice. very cute :)

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Alaska Fishing Lodge information said...

Cool topic. Lego vs. Ipod! i hope lego will be the winner.

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This is actually funny ...and I find her charming....and extremely funny

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really love the Conversations part.. can get to know u well .

EudiasD said...

nice conversation.. :D it's the matter of past and present:)

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funny and witty, I had so much laughs

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funny and cute, I love it a lot

Anikah Green said...

so funny i like it

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I really laugh at their topic. i have same conversation last time.

Erickson Tayang said...

nice picture it so funny i love it :)

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That was funny and like its true. Really, some kids do talk like this.

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Added humor into it. Great work!

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nice art

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Really cute and adorable.

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Good Storyline. They should put new characters for it. Its fun to read.

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I think i saw something like this in some tv show. But still, its good story.

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Cute drawing and interested topic.

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funny but with sense

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This is so hilarious! What a good comic duo.

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That's funny!

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This will be a cool cartoon to watch. Hoping for it to be animated.

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Funny conversation! haha

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I love their tandems and really they are bound to be together in an epic comedy. Good cartoon characters.

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Haha! they do talk like that!

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I hope they add educational toys to the mix.

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