Comic Jam

I did this drawing during one of our comic jams back in February.

I'm also in the midst of revamping my blog look! I'll make a header for it soon. Thanks Kris for letting me steal your blog template.


Ted Blackman said...

Artists types, you can spot 'em a mile away.

Hey, how many buttplugs is too many??

Agnes Salek said...

This is awesome! Love group shots and yours always have such nice colours and lines : )

Seo Kim said...

Thanks friends!

Ted: you can never have too many buttplugs.

Dylan said...

yay! its beautiful!

Céline said...


justin nowland said...

yo, thanks for posting stuff! this drawing is awesome.

Auto Service said...

The drawing is great. You are indeed a very talented artist.

Scope Bases said...

It looks so cool and great drawing.

Shelter Cove Lodge said...

What a great jamming! Great drawing.

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You are a great artist and very creative work.

Hunting Gun Dog Training said...

Just looking at you work of art makes me think that you are a very talented artist.

Fishing in Hawaii said...

It only shows that you love what you're doing.

Art Allen said...

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Eurico Miyaka said...

wow.. nice drawing. it's so cool. nice artwork :)

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Ilya said...

Like the community portrayed in your drawing.

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