Here's my Brave fan art!

...Okay so I have been posting daily on my tumblr and I'm not totally sure what to do with poor lil bloggy over here who is just not getting any attention... BUT in the meantime if you haven't already, please go follow my tumblr as that is where I am posting all of my work lately.


Chocolate Chip Cookie Disease

Don’t let this happen to you. Please inform yourself and your loved ones about the 3C disease (Chocolate Chip Cookie Disease).


Comic Jam

I did this drawing during one of our comic jams back in February.

I'm also in the midst of revamping my blog look! I'll make a header for it soon. Thanks Kris for letting me steal your blog template.


what little kids talk about

Overheard this conversation outside my window. This is how I imagined it looked like.


This happened this morning. I am still not quite sure what went wrong.



Here's a metaphor for what happens typically when I have an art related epiphany. If you know me, you know that this describes my life.

:) :(


(click for full view)

I am sorry for the neglect, blogspot world. Here is a life drawing of a scene I witnessed yesterday involving some friends and an evil dog thing.

Lately I have got into the habit of posting instagrams of doodles on my tumblr thanks to the advent of android instagram. It's so flipping easy to post that i've been posting over twice a day. I'm starting to come down from the hype now but do follow the tumblr for pretty frequent quickie posts. Cant get more "instant doodle" than that.


This amorphous lump of fabric kept us company during a late night chat at the Bloor n Spadina Timmy's.


These are some elementary school kid characters for a story book I am working on. Nearly all of the names are sourced from people I have known throughout my school life, some more directly inspired than others. ;) Check out my tumblr post for some more detail shots.


Here is my piece for the Nightmare Before Christmas tribute show at Galerie Arludik.


My tumblr now features photos of my tiny drawings. Go see the corresponding tumblr post for this blogger post, here!



I did this a little while back for my brave friend Klaas who is recovering from a crazy stunt injury.